Gary Numan: Android in La La Land – Music clearances for acclaimed feature doc.

Orion, The Man Who Would Be King - Music Supervisor on Jeanie Finlay’s BIFA award winning feature doc.

Music Rights & Reporting consultant for BT Sport TV.

The Great Hip-Hop Hoax - Music Supervisor on BIFA nominated feature documentary for Glimmer Films / Met Film /BBC Storyville.

The Man Whose Mind Exploded - Music Clearances on feature doc from director Toby Amies.

Licensing Consultant for One Way Static Records - Negotiating rights for Soundtrack re-release.

Serious Drugs – The  Film About BMX Bandits : An affectionate documentary portrait of BMX Bandits founder Duglas Stewart and his musical mission to quietly save the world – and himself – one song at a time.    We handled the music clearances.

Sound It Out – Music Supervisor for this acclaimed documentary about the last remaining Vinyl record shop in Teesside.

Music Consultant advising on Copyright & Music Reporting for Disney Channel.