Loud and Cleared is led by music supervisor, Graham Langley.  He has extensive experience in film and TV production, having managed music rights at ITV, Fox Kids, Disney, and BT Sport. He now operates as a freelance music supervisor and consultant for independent film and television producers.

Our services:

  • Music Rights Consultancy: We provide advice and assistance on all music rights matters for your production; budgeting, clearances, licensing, blanket deal negotiations and music reporting.
  • Music Supervision: We find the perfect music to fit your project (and your budget). Be that the biggest artists or the newest names, we bring years of experience in selecting and licensing music for a huge variety of briefs. Our approach to supervision is totally independent and is strongly “film-first”. Any use of music has to serve the goals of the project, so as well as finding the perfect soundtrack, there may also be times where no music at all is the right creative decision for a particular scene.
  • Bespoke Music: We can find the perfect composer for your project, deal with all the negotiations and contracts and manage the collaboration each step of the way.
  • Business Affairs: Pre-production services for budgeting, and securing contributor or catalogue deals. We are also experienced in acquiring and administering publishing copyrights, soundtrack releases and managing secondary exploitation deals for producers.